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Natural burial grounds (sometimes called woodland burial grounds) are still in the early stages of development in New Zealand. The first dedicated natural burial ground opened near Wellington in March 2008 and it looks set to influence burials throughout the country. The location can be found here. It is a joint venture between Wellington City Council and a not-for-profit organisation called Natural Burials. More recently the South Island's first natural burial ground was opened in Motueka. The Tasman District Council has set aside 40 spaces for natural burials at Motueka Cemetery. This is not a regenerating native bush park but a welcome choice for families nonetheless.
Progress is being made in Palmerston North and New Plymouth - Natural Burials is working with Councils on plans for a natural cemeteries. Kapiti has a lot of support and their council has approved a natural cemetery. Similar support can be found in Wanganui. Other centres are talking about possibilities but no action has been taken yet. Please email Greg Holdsworth if you have information to add to this page.