Green Funerals » FAQ

What if my funeral director wont help with green options?
This is unlikely, even the most traditional firms want to carry out the families wishes to the best of their ability. If you are really stuck, phone around - there are many good operators out there.

Does an eco funeral cost more than a conventional one?
It doesnt need to, just choose the options that feel best for you. Modern funeral pricing is itemised, you can ask for a quote and adjust the services / products you require to suit your circumstances.

Can families decorate the casket?
There is unlikely to be a situation where this is a problem. Plain caskets like the Return To Sender Woodstock are ideal for this as no coating has been applied to the timber.

Is that a fact?
You can find a world of mis-information and dodgy 'facts' around these topics if you look for them. This site was created following years of research and creation of an industry training program aimed at giving funeral directors the ability to talk about sustainability issues with confidence. We have deliberately avoided some areas of conflict as there is simply no point in arguing (you can find 'evidence' for both sides of some isues). It is up to families to employ common sense, take a balanced view and do what is right for them (without being railroaded into anything). We hope this is a useful starting point.