Green Funerals » Transport impacts

There are many aspects of transport associated with a funeral. The transport of the body to the funeral home then crematorium / cemetery, transport of mourners to the service and / or grave, transport of headstones or foreign caskets to New Zealand and all the other transport associated with supplying and running funeral homes. With all this considered the most visible transport, the hearse, may only represent a small portion of the overall transport impact. So the fact that it's a big vehicle with bad fuel consumption may not be such a big deal. An interesting point with the hearse is that quality vehicles tend to last; a high percentage of the total embodied energy of a vehicle has already been expended before the vehicle leaves the factory. A nice (and practical) way to have a 'greenish' hearse is to use a classic vehicle - a number of firms own one or two. The rest comes down to common sense - if transport is important for you, think of ways to minimise family travel (sharing vehicles etc) and consider hooking overseas family members up via the internet rather than flying - most funeral homes can do this now.